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Ellen Schreiber, SHS 1955 Class, is organizing a Reunion for the Classes of 54, 55, 56 and 57.   It will be a picnic on Monday August 15, 2016.   If you are interested, able to attend, help or contribute please contact Ellen at   She wants your phone number, email and snail mail (USPS) address's.   She also want that information for any other classmates you know.


HELP—Please send me your address, include your high school name and your current name.   Please send me classmate information, like address, email or if they are deceased.   If you send me your news I will put it on the website.   My contact information is detailed under the CONTACT tab. 


Jay Frazier


If you change your name, email, address or phone please let Jay know. Or if you know of a classmate that has changed something or passed away please let Jay know. He will try and keep the class list current.


Thanks to your generosity, we now have adequate funds for the near future.   If you want a copy of our bank records, please contact me


We now have some “LIFE TODAY” stories, enjoy.    Send Jay a paragraph or two about your life today and he will post it. 


Our SHS Class of 1957 Poet Laureate, William Dalrymple, wrote a poem especially for us here at Reunion time. We are pleased to share it with you.

A "Looking Back"

Fifty years!… I say "Oh My Gosh"

Is that how long it’s been?

It, only, was, just, yesterday

Not long ago! - it seems.

But count the things that happened since

We last said our goodbyes

The World; Our Worlds; -Look what’s transpired,

Before our very eyes.

The "Seventies" now there’s a time                                             

That changed the way we were

Before, we tried to blend in well

It’s "Me first" NOW, -for sure.

And other decades, one by one,

That altered all our lives

But, still, within our own true minds

Morality survives.

As Teenagers in the Fifties

We got this "Moral Base"

That taught us, then, a right from wrong

From which we seldom strayed.

So well ingrained were rules and such

They joke about it now

But note the way they act and care

We had it right, somehow.

Oh, I’m not going to "rant" about

The way things should now be

But, I’m just glad I had the chance

To live, "then" –you and me.                                                       

We must have been a healthy lot

Just look ‘round at our peers

So many of us have survived

The onslaughts of these years

But on a melancholy note,

I’d really hoped to see

Some of my High School Guys and Gals

They were like family.

I’d like to give a toast to "US"

And those of us now gone

We’ve strived to make a better world-

A world worth passing on.

© William J. Dalrymple
27 September 2007


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Molly - official mascot of SHS 1957
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