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Vintage Guess?Mates - Class Trip
Among the Guess?Mates pictures from our album this time, there is first a 2003 photo of three classmates that I’ll give you the answers for free for.  For the other, old-fashioned photographs of our Class of 1957 Senior Class Trip, you’re on your own to identify the two dozen people in the five photos.  We’ll have answers for you, of course, at the Reunion—or mail them to you if you can’t come.  It’s not cheating to call up other classmates and get your answers from them.  Guess ready, guess set, GuessMates!



Mike Warrren, and JoAnn Westermeier and Marie Cadeau Wilmont

1. Whose big mouth is that in the back?

2. Who are all these hands on deck?

3. What four beauties are these?

4. Who are these clowns?

5. Who are these clowns?




. Mel Boring's  2. Don't know all, but, from the left, 2nd is Bob Carlson, 4th and 5th are (top) Judith Marshall (bottom) Sylvia Kiosseff, 6th/middle Jay Frazier, 7th Bill Dalrymple, 8th Jerry Cort, 9th Mel Boring; on right is unidentified teacher. 3. Far left Carol Saari, next to her Connie Andrews, Sally Woodbridge and Barbara White.  4. We don't know, do you?  5. Jay Frazier. Who is the girl?

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Molly - official mascot of SHS 1957
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