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50th Guessing Game Page 4

There is extra credit to be had in these next pictures, Classmates!  First there is a fine feline photograph. Then next, bring on the party! Actually, the party is in a photograph from way back in 1954. The party was given by our classmate Elaine (Parker) Ballou and her older sister, Sally.  The guests were friends of both Elaine and Sally; so the Guess?Mates have SOME answers this time, but we don’t know the names of every one of the 13 people at the Parker Party. Actually, there were 13.5 because one of the people at the right is only halfway in the picture.  EXTRA POINTS, students, if you can identify both halves of that person! (Clue: It’s a guy!) Guess ready, guess set, GuessMates! 


What kind of cat is this and which one of our classmates does it belong to?(EXTRA POINTS if you can tell us the cat’s name!)



Who all were at Elaine and Sally Parker’s Party in 1954?


Here's the key to get into the Parker Party via time-travel.


Courbe the cat is a Scottish Fold Cat who belongs to Mary Ann Waterman. The Parker party folks are identified in the above picture.

Molly - official mascot of SHS 1957
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