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 Mr Robert Watts 8th Grade Class 1953


 Did you figure out who all our classmates are here, in Mr. Robert Watts’ eighth grade homeroom, 53 years ago? It was good we had nametags [so artfully made by JoAnn (Westermeier) and Mike Warren] at the Reunion so we could recognize each other. And if you didn’t recognize all these classmates, here are the answers. (THANKS to Mr. Robert watts, who was at the Reunion with his wife, Mary Ann, and named most of the classmates. Thanks again to classmate Jim Kottke for this photo.)


1. Mr. Robert Watts       6. Bill Purdy       11. Marilyn Starkey       16. Nancy Nelson       21. Tom McCann
2. Pat Miller         7. Jon Pfeiffer   12. Donna Krampetz      17. Dreana Graves      22. Phil Peralta
3. Roger Keeling           8. Bill Maksimas 13. Milly Barbour           18. Ruth Moon            23. Bob Wass
4. Charles Staples        9. Fred Rankin    14. Sandy Nelson         19. Robert McDougall 24. Jim Kottke
5. Jay Frazier               10. Bill Gordon     15. Kay Tripp                  20. Jerry Powell           25. Mike Warren

It was classmate David Holt’s great idea to have this ClassmateContest. But no one guessed all the names of the classmates in this picture. Since I couldn’t figure out how to crochet a bathtub that would actually hold water, it’s probably just as well!


Molly - official mascot of SHS 1957
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