Southfield High School Class of 1957

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Vintage 1950 photograph. Notice the dress code of the Southfield 10 classroom, especially for this December 21 picture day. Identify everyone you can in the picture. The future President of our 1957 Senior Class is in the picture, and so is the woman who now helps crew on Michigan's tall ship Madeline!

We can’t identify all the classmates, but our 1957 Senior Class President is in the very middle of the picture, in row 4 (from the left) seat 3—Gary Evans; the woman who now helps crew on the Madeline is Sally Woodbridge, row 3, seat 5.  In row 1, seat 1 is John Watkins; row 1, seat 4 is Arlene Nepstad; row 1, seat 5 is (we think) Bruce Greenfield; row 1, seat 7 is the teacher, Mrs. McCracken,

row 2, seat 1 is Shirley McDonald; row 2, seat 3 is Mike Warren; row 3, seat 1 is Barry Allen Silvarman; row 3, seat 4 is (we think) Bob Cheeks; row 3, seat 7 is (we think) Lorraine Libtow; row 5, seat 2 is Jim Kottke; row 5, seat 6 is (we think) April Bassler, and row 5, seat 7 is Barb Meinecke.  Can YOU identify any of the other 25? 

Molly - official mascot of SHS 1957
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