Southfield High School Class of 1957

50th Guessing Game

 Each picture shows one or more of our classmates, but leaves you to guess who they are. Guess ready, guess set, GuessMates!

1. Who rides a Harley Hog across Texas?

2. Who is on the radio in California?


3. Doc Who of EMU?




4. Who is the lady in white on the right?

5. Who graduated in consecutive SHS classes?


6. Who is fishing for alligator food in his pocket?

7. Who's this tasty cook in her kitchen? 




8. Who is the lucky man on the left with the sunny smile?





9. Who drank, then drove a hot-air balloon across Turkey?

10. Should you let this trick-or-treater in at Halloween?




11. What lucky classmate and his wife got to go on the Freedom Cruise? 

12. What beloved teacher winters, springs, summers and- we hope - never falls in Arizona?



1.Charlie Hart   2. Barry Allen Silvarman  3. Gary Evans  4. Shirley Spence Bohl   5. Jerry and Bonnie (Michaelson) Londal  6. Cal Bregger  7. Elaine (Brown) Shmina  8. David and Gloria Holt  9. Peggy and Jerry Stapleton  10. Mel Boring  11. John and Karen Watkins  12. Drs. Dan and Jane Julien


Molly - official mascot of SHS 1957
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