Southfield High School Class of 1957

 60th Reunion


SHS CLASS OF 1955 AND 1956: 

Richard Quigley and I have been working on a reunion, and here is what we have come up with for a 60th SHS Reunion for the classes of 1954, 1955 & 1956:

                   LOCATION:  Heritage Park in Farmington Hills

                              DATE:  Monday - 18 August 2014
                  TIME:  Noon to 5PM
                  DRESS CODE:  Casual
                  COST Per Person = ZERO*

*With thanks to a generous donor who elects to remain anonymous.

       Heritage Park is centrally located in Farmington Hills at 24715 Farmington Road – between 10 and 11 Mile roads.  It is about 6 miles west of SHS.  We have reserved a covered picnic shelter at Heritage Park that will accommodate approximately 100+ people.  That will give us some protection should it rain that day, or if some of us just want to get out of the sun.
     The planned Reunion will be from noon until 5PM.  However, we have the picnic shelter reserved for the full day – from 9AM to 9:PM – so classmates can come early and leave late if they would like.  Bring a folding chair if you need back support.  We have a picnic lunch planned for about 1PM that will consist of make-it-yourself sandwiches made from lunch meat (probably sliced turkey and sliced ham), cheese, bread/buns, and mustard/ketchup, plus we will have potato chips, soft drinks, bottled water, and probably some Famous Amos cookies - all from Costco.  Or if you would prefer, feel free to bring your own picnic lunch.  To locals, if you would like to contribute, bring a dish or dessert to pass.  You can eat in the picnic shelter, or maybe bring a blanket or lawn chair and just sit out on the grass with your buddies.  There is a charcoal BBQ pit available for anyone who might want to cook themselves some hamburgers or hot dogs (bring your own meat and charcoal), and propane BBQs are permitted.  Electricity will also be available should anyone want do some other type of cooking.
     After 5PM everyone will be on their own.  They can head home, hang around the park for a while, or create some subgroups and head over to one of the local restaurants for dinner.  Whatever floats your boat.
     Hopefully this format will work out well for everyone.  The majority of people who responded to our earlier email seemed to like the casual dress and park setting approach.  Plus, anyone who has any night vision problems can get home before dark.  All that, and it is FREE.  How good does it get!!  If the picnic/park format doesn’t work out then we can always go back to the evening approach for our next reunion in 2019. 
     Heritage Park has two restrictions that you may need to know about.  First, they do not permit alcohol in the park.  That may actually be a good thing since everyone will need to drive home after the reunion.  Second, pets are not permitted.  They have a Park Patrol that enforces these restrictions.  The picnic area does have some games to be played including horseshoe pits and volley ball courts.  But, they do not provide the horseshoes or volleyballs, so bring your own.  And feel free to bring any fun “senior” games that you might have. There is a splash pad on which to get cool.

     For out of towners, there is a very nice, only four years old, Holiday Inn Express on 12 Mile Road just west of Haggerty Road in Novi.  It includes a continental breakfast and it is only 4 ½ miles from the Heritage Park and only two miles from the vast Twelve Oaks, West Oaks, and Fountain Place Malls where there are tons of shopping opportunities and even a theater.  There are an abundant number of golf courses in the area as well.  Twelve Mile Road is a nice boulevard ride to Farmington Road. Next to the Holiday Inn Express is a nice “Ruby Tuesday” Restaurant which could serve as an evening gathering spot for dinner. Other restaurants are close too.

  Drop me an email or give me a call, and let me know if you are likely to attend – just for planning purposes.  However, if you decide to come at the last minute, that is A-OK.  See you in August.

Ellen Schreiber Voss                 PLEASE!  Reply by return email so that we
32402 Dunford Road                 know that you got this message to confirm 
Farmington Hills, MI 48334        that we have you correct email address
248-553-4906                             and whether you might attend or not.                                               Thanks!
(don’t forget the “s” between “ellen” and “voss”)


(Note: You can highlight the form below, print it and fill it out and send it to Ellen at the above address.) 


        SOUTHFIELD HIGH SCHOOOL CLASSES OF 1954, 1955, 1956 AND '57



Believe it or not, it is to be free. Shelter, Food and Beverages will be provided thanks to a worthy benefactor who chooses to remain anonymous. However, in the interest of estimating amounts and for hopefully a newsletter, please complete and return this form whether you will be attending or not, and mail it to Southfield High Classes of 1954, 1955, 1956, c/o Ellen Schreiber Voss, 32402 Dunford Road, Farmington Hills, MI 48334

Maiden Name:____________________________



                 Number    Street                              City                                        State  Zip


PHONE:____________________________ E-MAIL:________________________________


         o I/We plan to attend the picnic. Number attending______

For name tag: 

Graduate’s Full Name: __________________________________________________

                       (Ladies, please include maiden name.)


Guest/Spouse’s name: _________________________________________________

If possible, enclose a current photo and/or photos of you or of you and your loved ones for a display. (NOTE: We cannot guarantee the return of the photos, so please send a copy only.) We may include some photos in the newsletter if practical. 

Please complete the Reunion Information Section of this form. (We would appreciate it if those who are not attending would complete the information section as well.)

o If you ­don’t want us to share your address, etc. with our “mates”, please check here.

o Sorry, I/We cannot attend, but I would like to receive a newsletter. (Even if you are not able to attend the reunion, please complete the Reunion Information Section and return it with a current non-returnable photo, of you or of you and your loved ones so your classmates can learn what you’ve been up to since graduation.)



NEWS FOR THE NEWSLETTER: (for example, schools you attended and/or graduated from since high school, children, grandchildren, job (s), retired, not retired, hobbies, interests, winter address if applicable, etc.)

PLEASE INCLUDE ADDRESS AND/OR NEWSLETTER INFORMATION ON ANY OTHER OF OUR “MISSING” CLASSMATES WITH WHOM YOU ARE IN TOUCH SO WE CAN CONTACT THEM: (Also, please copy these forms and send them to any class of ’54 or '57 members that you would like to invite.)