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Received the following from Jay Frazier on 12/14/09:

Jerry Londel and I met for lunch in Boulder, CO recently. We are both doing fine and are planning a spring golf outing. Anyone want to join us in Colorado?

Jerry Powel and I had some nice phone chats recently. I’m glad he can’t remember that I broke his car window our senior year. I have been in touch with Elaine Parker, Margaret Gray, Bill Purdy, Dr. Dan Julien, Bob Lemon, Lily Beament, Bob Lemon, Janet Elkins, Gary Evans, Dave Holt, Darlene Keranen, Jerry Stapleton, Jerry Cort, Jim Gorman, Bruce Greenfield, Jim Kottke, Phil Peralta, Charles Staples and some others. Most seem to be doing fine.

Received the following from JoAnn Westermeier Warren on 8/23/11 after Mike’s death:

I'm doing fine; good days and bad.  I try to keep myself busy with my grandchildren.  My daughter, Lynne, is an incredible help.  She and her family live around the corner and I often eat dinner with them.  Here is Mike's obituary that ran in the paper.    I hope to see everyone at the next reunion.               

Received the following from Margaret Gray Towne on 9/12/11:

A couple of months ago Merle Perkins Richmond was in Las Vegas and she contacted me and we got together for lunch.  We have done that several times in the past years and it’s so neat to touch base with a classmate from SHS here in Las Vegas.

 I think I told you I had a book published titled "Honest to Genesis: A Biblical and Scientific Challenge to Creationism."  The first person I recognized in the Acknowledgement page was Susanne Robinson and I included Southfield High School in that text.  If anyone would like a signed copy they can get in touch with me at  Also, for nine years I co-edited the newsletter for the American Scientific Affiliation and that ended this month.  They gave me a lovely plaque at the Annual Meeting in August which was at North Central College in Naperville, IL.

Received the following from Ron Irwin on 9/12/11History:  

Sterling College: Degree: PhysicsU.S.A.F.  Scientific Aid, School of Aerospace Medicine

 Ampex Corporation  Field Engineer   assignments:  Los Alamos Scientific Labs, White Sands Missile Range, Sandia Labs Albuquerque,and NASA Houston.

Tektronix Inc  Sales Engineer   Electronic Test Equipment

Current Status : Retired  Rancher

 The ranch is up for sale and we are planing to move to Paradise Lake near Mackinaw City, Michigan, where we have a summer home.

Laurene and I have 3 grand children, 2 girls and a boy.

 As soon as we get a good offer for the ranch, we are headed for Michigan!

Bob Lemon sent Mike Warren’s death notice on 9/12/11.

Received the following from Marilyn Starkey Taylor on 9/12/11.

No new news from me.  Still in GR, MI, summer in Bay View, MI and winter in Naples, Fl.  We have 6 grandkids ranging in age from 16 to 2. 

Received the following from Jerry Londal who’s married to Bonnie Mikelson (SHS58) on 8/16/11:

Bonnie and I have had a good summer in Michigan.  Our grandson and a friend of his, both age 12, have been with us for the summer.  They are both from California, and our daughter is now here for 10 days, and will take the boys back with her.  It will seem very quiet in our house in a week. 

It sounds like you are moving around quite a bit.  I hope that we can cross paths in Colorado some time.  We plan to head back the first week in November for the winter.

Hope to see you this year.

 Received the following from Elaine Parker Ballou on 8/10/11:

My daughter's book will be launched August 18 by Viking (Penguin). It is a young adult book. Check her out at I am entertaining her girls a couple days a week this summer so she can write. I'm really proud for her... can you tell.

 Darlene Keranen Larson  emailed on 8/9/11 to say she was getting her second knee replaced   this fall.

 Received the following from Bill Purdy on 8/9/11:

I am still working; plan to pursue selling my business soon. Have had some health issues but none life threatening.

 Received the following from Jerry Stapleton on 8/9/11:

At the moment I am at our beach house on Hilton Head Island with our 5 grandchildren. This is like a summer olympics for us since they are pretty active. (ages 9-15  and 2 boys and 3 girls) but I wouldn't take anything for the opportunity to have them for a few days.

 Received the following from Jerry Powell’s wife Lou on 3/26/10:

Jerry and I spent an enjoyable afternoon with Sharon (Bradley) Foster last Thurs., and a wonderful evening with both Ed and Sharon.  They will be up for the 53rd reunion.

We received a note from Mac (Wicka) Rush.  They live only a few miles from my nephew down in Ga, but we didn't get the note until we got home.  Darn, we could have swung by and seen them.  They won't be able to make the reunion as her hubby Jack is very ill.

 Received the following from Lois Mattson Holmes sent on 3/12/10:

....glad to see you have both oars in the water!  I am so busy dealing with my dear friend's estate.......trying to keep it together. 

 Received the following from Bob Lemon on 3/8/10:

Nadine and I are both well thank you.  Nadine is currently providing full time day care for our newest grandson Aiden Jeremiah Hayes that was born October 27, 2009, 20 ¼” Long, 7lbs 7 oz.  Our daughter Jennifer took a full time position working as an Orthodontic Assistant for two Doctors with two offices, one in Brighton and their other office in South Lyon. Jennifer was working 2-3 days a week at her previous employer.  She got a fantastic raise and doesn’t have to put up with the BS that the “Office Manager” gave her a the previous Doctors office.  She works directly for both Doctors now and they absolutely love her and appreciate her 20 plus years of experience.  Our son Scott and his wife Kathryn are heading out to Las Vegas tomorrow afternoon for a much needed break.Kate is currently studying at U of D Mercy in her second year of graduate school working on a Physicians Assistant degree.  She is currently at the head of her class maintaining a GPA in the high 90% range.

 Received the following from Glenn Wearsch, Erma Tobel’s husband, on 2/28/10:

My name is Glenn Wearsch I am a graduate of the Class of 1955 Southfield High and the husband of Erma Tobel (Wearsch).  Erma is a graduate of the Class of l957 Southfield High.

Erma is in fair health having a slight case of dementia, but remembers all of her friends from school.

We live in Florida full time in a small town called Lake Placid, about 20 miles south of Sebring Fl.  This is in South Central Florida.

It would be nice if some of her old class mates would drop her an e-mail now and then.

Our addresses: 68 Freedom Way, Lake Placid, Fl 33852,

Received the following from JoAnn Westermeier Warren on 2/28/10:

As most of you know Mike passed away last year. I try to keep busy volunteering at the grandkids school and having lunch with friends. I had lunch with Merle last month and with Pat (Eastman) Russell and Gloria (Wright) Dixon a while back. It was good to see them and visit.

Received the following from James (Jay) Frazier on 1/8/13:

I thought I would live out my life as a bachelor but three winters ago I met a delightful woman in Arizona and we have developed a wonderful relationship.   We summer in her house in Minneapolis and winter in my RV Park Model in Casa Grande, Arizona.   A year ago we got engaged.   My health is excellent and I have a very active life including lots of golf, ballroom dancing, biking, hiking and reading.  

 Received the following from Jerry Powel’s wife Lou on 1/8/13:

Jerry got a call from Phil Peralta yesterday afternoon on the passing of Al.Is there any way you can get this spread to your 1957 classmates?

Jerry, myself, Al and his lady friend (whom he did marry),Bill Tucker & his wife Colleen had a wonderful get together 2 summers ago @ Phil & Bev Peralta's home.

Jerry, myself, Bill, Colleen, Phil & Bev met in Cadillac a week ago today and had a wonderful lunch and 2 hour visit.

How are you and your lady love doing?

Lou Powell

Received the following from Gary Evans on 2/12/13:

Hi Jay, Good job at keeping up with things. If you need additional money, I will send you a check. I do hope all is well with you. Things here are fine.
How's the golf game. I keep trying but little progress being made even though there are many many aspects of my game that could be improved. When I play, I figure out what it costs me in terms of total strokes and realize I am getting a fantastic deal...very very low cost per stroke. My best wishes are with you. Gary

 Received the following from Jerry Stapleton on 2/12/13:

Jay, I knew Alan initially at Lathrup School. We were in cub scouts together along with Fred Rankin, Bill Myers, David Hines and George Uridge. Bill is the only one that I knew well. They were very nice people and I say that because my dad was in retail and before Lathrup, I went to a different school in a different city each of my first 3 years of school. So I met a different group each year. I remember these guys and some of their parents were very nice people. I lived in Lathrup for 10 years, moving when my parents moved to Chicago in 1958 after my first year at Vandbilt U. I haven't had any contact with anyone in the class until we started talking about our 20th reunion which I attended. I have been back to Michigan since that time (1978).

So thanks for letting all of us know about Alan's passing and for keeping up the website.

Received the following from Bob Lemon on 2/12/13:

Dear Jay, It comes as a shock that our dear friend Alan passed away. Alan was one of my best friends from 3rd grade when we met at Annie Lathrup School. As you may be aware, I started school at McKinley School for Kindergarten & First Grade combined then Second Grade. Many of our dear classmates such as Leslie Kuivanen and many others were our classmates all the way through school. My brothers were friends with Alan’s brother Clark whom passed away some years ago.

I can say with much gratitude that Alan was a very good person and we also attended Sunday School at The First Baptist Church in Birmingham with Alan and Clark. We used to play Ping Pong at their home. My Brothers Jack and Bill were Clark’s friends. Jack is still living in a semi-vegetative state at 79 years of age. Our brother Bill passed away at the age of 69 in January 2005 after having a Heart attack. He had a Stint installed and apparently it clogged up the day after he was released from Beaumont Hospital. I am still quite active and enjoying relatively good health. Just the aches and pains due to being rear ended in May 1961.

May God bless you and keep you healthy for many more years. The exercise one gets playing Golf without a “Golf Cart” is very good for what ails one. Walking the course keeps the joints relatively well functional and keeps the extra pounds from accumulating.

I think it is appropriate that I tell you that I Love you and value our friendship and honor of our fellow classmates.

Phil Peralta sent me the following letter on 2/13/13:

“My wife, Bev and I are saddened by the passing of our friend, Al Davison.   We went out to dinner with him and his wife, Barb just two weeks ago.
Please post his obituary, which I have included, on the website.

Bev and I had lunch with Bill Tucker and his wife Colleen and Jerry Powell and his wife, Lou in Cadillac a short time ago.   Bill Tucker lives near Manistee and Jerry Powell lives in Hersey, Michigan.   We all had a great time together.

Bev and I are planning a short trip to Florida in March.   Hope we have good weather.

Hope everything is going well for you, Jay.   It is always nice to hear from you.   It will be nice to see you and everyone else at our next reunion”.

Received from Elaine Parker Ballou on 2/28/13:

Sorry I'm so slow replying to your email but slow is my top speed. Alan lived about 2 blocks from me and was alway such a nice kid. When I spoke with him at the reunion he was still nice. If you need anymore money to keep us updated let me know. I don't think I have your address. Thanks for keeping us updated. Elaine

Received from Jay Frazier on 2/28/13:

Jerry Londal and I occasionally chat by email.   He is married to Bonnie Mikelson, SHS Class of 58, who has been fighting cancer for the last couple years.   Jerry said that Bonny has a very positive attitude.   Jerry is doing well.
Jerry Powell’s wife Lou, Darlene Keranen Larson and Bill Purdy email me some good jokes occasionally.

Received brief notes recently from Jon Pfeiffer, Gary Evans, Belva Gillespie Nylander, Margaret Gray Towne, Merle Perkins Richmond, Dave Holt, Marilyn Starkey Taylor, Darlene Keranen Larson and Elaine Shmina Brown.


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Received the following from Jim Kottke on 4/3/13:
HI, JAY..... I looked at the updated website for the Class of 57. Thank you 
so very much for keeping this alive. I appreciate your efforts and enjoy 
looking at the website for 'the good ole days'..... we live not far from you in 
Oceanside, CA. If you ever decide to take a ride west to the coast, keep us 
in mind for a visit...... but I know soon you will leave your wintering over.....

Received the following from Jerry Londal:
Bonnie Londal (Mikelson) of Walloon Lake, Michigan and Boulder, 
Colorado passed away on April 24, 2013 at her home in Boulder. Bonnie 
was born in Holly, Michigan on December 17, 1939 to Doris and Erwin 
Mikelson. She is survived by husband Jerry Londal, daughter Cari Moore, 
and grandson Garrett Moore of Watsonville, CA, son Phillip Londal of 
Boulder, CO, sisters Nancy Jones of Lapeer, Michigan, Radene Mikelson of 
Mesa, Arizona, Molly Schwitzer of Howard, Colorado, and brother Jerry 
Mikelson of Lehigh Acres, Florida. Bonnie graduated from Southfield High 
school in 1958, where she was a cheer leader and member of the marching 
band. She received an RN degree from the University of Michigan School 
of Nursing. She was a loving wife, mother and grandmother. One of her 
friends once commented that she wanted to come back in the next life as 
Bonnie’s grandchild. She loved to be in her garden tending her flowers. She 
also enjoyed golf and skiing. She was a former member of the Petoskey 
garden club, a member of the Petoskey-Bay View Country Club, and an 
ctive member of the Petoskey United Methodist Church. Bonnie was a 
certified H&R Block tax preparer, and spent many hours volunteering her 
services to the elderly and 

Received the following from Arlene Nepstad Betts on 9/3/13:
Life has been good for me since our class reunion almost six years ago. 
Larry and I still live in rural Virginia right off the Blue Ridge Parkway. 
We are 10 miles from a newspaper and 16 miles from a regular grocery 
store. Our area is famous for bluegrass music.

Larry and I are active in our very small Presbyterian church. We both 
serve in several areas of community ministries. Our area is beautiful but 
has a high level of poverty. There is never a lack of need. One of my 
delightful activities is to read to a class of preschoolers every week in 
our elementary school.

We have added two grandchildren since our class reunion. Lucah was 
born with four major heart defects requiring two open heart surgeries. 
He is now a healthy little kindergartner who has been the recipient of 
so many prayers in his young life. His three year old brother, Coda, has 
been a joy to us in our seventies. All six of our grandsons spend time 
with us in the summer even though the teenagers don't think there is 
very much to do in small town America.
I look back on our class reunion with many happy memories. How 
wonderful it would be if we had one more chance to be together! 
Thanks again, Jay for helping us keep in touch.

Received the following from Jerry Stapleton on 10/9/13:
It sounds like you have a good solution on how to live. Glad you are 
doing well. We are doing well living in the Atlanta suburbs for over 
40 years with our 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren. We have a beach 
house at Hilton Head Island SC and spend quite a bit of time there. 
We just returned from France where we celebrated our 50th wedding 
anniversary with 3 other couples. If you ever have any desire to visit 
give us a yell. We have a lot of room and are near the Chattahoochee 
River which is stocked with trout.

Received the following from Marilyn Starkey Taylor on 10/9/13:
Hi Jay,sounds like you have a pretty enchanted life!! So far, I’m well but my 
husband Dick is battling very painful legs, no answer yet to his problem. 
He has been to U of M medical for tests. Next month he goes back to 
U of M for an MRI. We live in Petoskey for the summers, back to GR 
for fall and leave for Naples, Fl mid Jan thru mid Apr. I have 3 children 
and 7 grandkids. A new baby boy added to our family on 9/9. Oldest 
granddaughter is a freshman at Ole Miss on a full ride scholarship for soccer 
goalie. Will have to get down there to see her play--hopefully next year. 
All for now, keep in touch. 

Received the following from Margaret Gray Towne on 10/8/13:
It’s great to hear from you and thanks for your leadership. Your life 
sounds very full and rewarding. I just had hip replacement surgery 
four weeks ago and am doing very well. Before that, we took a trip to 
visit my sister in Fresno, CA and then went up the Oregon Coast and to 
Seattle to visit my husband's relatives as well as other family he has in 
Spokane. It was a great trip.

Received the following from Joanne Boyd Guibord on 10/9/13:
Just a quickie note to thank you for your nice words and for keeping 
all up to date on your fun and interesting life between Minnesota and 
Arizona. You do keep busy! My cousin lives in Tucson (Saddlebrook) 
and she too enjoys the area as she also is very active biking and hiking 
the lovely mountains. 
 I feel like you - Life is good - Darn, just being able to get up and 
say "thank you" for another new day is amazing! Life seems so much 
busier after retirement or perhaps it just goes faster!
 Leaves are beginning to turn here in Michigan and it's beautiful as you 
would know- my favorite time of year! 

Received the following from Gary Evans on 3/4/13:
Hi Jay, I hope this email finds all well with you. I also hope things are 
going well with you and you female friend.It is not fun or energizing to 
be alone. 
Things here are fine. Retirement has been difficult after 48 years of 
teaching but my hearing necessitated me retiring at age 72--just about 
exactly 3 years ago.
At any rate, can I send you any money for the web-site? I was just going 
to pay it myself when Bob let me know he was not seeming to find 
You. I am glad to do whatever I can to make sure you are not unduly 
burdened in regard to this matter.
I hope you are someplace where you can play golf often. I am still in 
Michigan plowing lots of is beautiful though.
While I am writing, I think that Melvin knew he was dying at the time 
he arranged the reunion. He stayed with me during it, and when he left 
for the airport, we arranged to meet in Washington but he seemed a 
bit tentative and also anxious that it be a visit that happened soon. Not 
long after he returned to Washington, he sent me an email and said he 
had cancer but had decided he didn't want to go through Chemo and so 
on. He was a wonderful friend and I miss him a lot. 

Received the following from Jerry Londal on 10/9/13:
I had a good summer, with lots of visitors. My son was here for two 
weeks, my daughter for 10 days, and my grandson stayed with me for a 
month. He is 14. I enjoyed having him here. 
I have played golf once or twice a week, done some fishing, rode my 
bike a lot--up to 30 miles. Many friends and neighbors have kept me 
busy for dinners. I have held a few dinner parties, and am enjoying 
trying my hand at cooking.
I would very much enjoy a 60th reunion. I would be willing to help, but 
not head it up.

Received the following from Lily Ann Beament on 10/10/13:
I retired a second time at the end of August. I've been happy being lazy 
and doing nothing. That will soon change as I've joined three clubs 
and will so be very active. I'm not sure if Bob Lemon advised you about 
Donna (Chandanase) Bryant. We were taking a trip to Italy at the end 
of November last year and she had a massive heart attack afterwards 
and passed. It could have been so much worse if it happened in Italy. 
Enjoy you winter in Arizona.

Received the following from Melba MacBeth Bartlett on 4/15/14:
It seems as though Tom and I just might be in the Lenox Twp. area or 
Anna Arbor area, whichever daughter we are visiting around that time 
so we might be able to attend this reunion. I will contact Ellen. Tom 
was a part of the class of 1955 but left Southfield High. I did attend 
their Senior Prom with Bob Mitchell, my brother-in-laws brother. Well, 
long times ago right. I hope that you get the right information from this 
e-mail. I am sure you probably have it but will give it to you again. The 
only thing that I have changed recently is my cell phone, 352-460-
7817. Give a call if you are in Florida or near us. Would love to see you 
again and have some good chats. Let me know if you need any other 
information. My husband of 57 years, this October is still Tom Bartlett.

Received the following from Sally Woodbridge Byle on 4/15/14:
Sounds like fun but that is the week we volunteer at North Manitou 
Island with Sleeping Bear Nat.Pk. as we are rebuilding the Katy 
Shepherd Hotel....Also trying to fit in the Lake Shore Bike ride that 
weekend. Since we retired we spend summers at our MI cottage near 
Traverse City and winters in Punta Gorda, FL as well as traveling a lot. 
My newest interest in pickleball and play in MI and FL. FL is 3465 B 
Sunset Key Circle, Punta Gorda 33955 

Received the following from Margaret Gray Towne on 5/5/14:
I have written a book: Honest to Genesis: A Biblical and Scientific 
Challenge to Creationism. If anyone would like a copy I can send 
them a signed one. I got my doctorate at Montana State University 
on this subject. Got my B.S. and M.S. from University of Michigan. 
Attended Princeton Theological Seminary. Am married to a (now 
retired) Presbyterian pastor. We have two daughters, one living in 
Iowa and one in this area. 

Received the following from Marilyn Starkey Taylor 5/9/14:
Hi Jay, I won't be attending the reunion, but here is the info you want. 
Marilyn Starkey Taylor, Grand Rapids, Mich. I have lived here for 50 
years. We have 3 grown children and 7 grandkids all residing in GR. 
We spend winters in Naples, FL, couple months here in GR, up north 
to our cottage in Bay View, MI for 5 months in the summer/fall. So far 
our health if pretty good, and family keeps us very busy. I guess I love 
my senior years also!!! Hope this info helps. 

Received the following from Jay Frazier on 5/15/2014:
In a recent email my Daughter asked me what special thing I was going 
to do on my birthday. I responded that when you’re retired, healthy, 
wealthy and handsome, every day is your birthday. Of course I 
exaggerated the last two qualities. But I am very grateful that I have 
wonderful relationships and interesting rewarding things to do.
I wish you well and hope your life is filled with love and joy.

Molly - official mascot of SHS 1957
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